Art and Popular Culture

The word ‘art’ is a very elusive term and topic. Art has an infinite amount of meanings and forms and is still constantly changing. In our popular culture today there is a new medium and that is the ability to create art on a computer screen. Instead of using brushes, paint, clay, etc we use a mouse and keys on a keyboard. However, can we classify this as ‘art’? This is a tough subject for me, especially, when most of my friends are graphic design major and Photoshop fiends. We never see eye-to-eye.

I can’t say I am a pro at Photoshop or anything that has to do with graphic design or even working on a computer. However, I feel that working on a computer cannot be considered as art. The thinking process seems to be completing different. The main focus of the artist is not on the meaning behind the work but on using the right tools and the look of it aesthetically. Yes, I do agree that art should produce this visual excitement. Though, the ‘artist’ is wrapped up in looks that most of the time the finish product is a meaningless image. It just feels as art is losing its authenticity.





One Response to “Art and Popular Culture”

  1. Donna Skonning Says:

    I think it could still be considered as art, just a different kind of art than we are used to. The computer is just another medium we can use to express ourselves in a truly modern way.

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