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Art & Popular Culture

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I haven’t really gotten to blog about a photography yet for this class and thought it was about time. I have chosen to talk about Annie Leibovitz. She is one of my favorite photographers and inspires me every time I look at her work. Her lighting is absolutely breathtaking, which is something very important for me. It has reached the point where I know her work just by looking at it, she has a very stylized way of photographing.

Annie is among some of the most well known photographers. Even if you haven’t heard her name you have seen her images. Annie began her magazine editorial career at Rolling Stone magazine in 1970, since then Annie has been working for Vanity Fair and also Vogue magazine. In addition to this, Annie has done advertising work. She has had the opportunity to photography many actors, rock stars, and influential people, including John Lennon just hours before he was murdered with Yoko Ono, Demi Moore pregnant, and she was the first to photograph baby Suri. Not only is Annie Leibovitz part of Pop Culture, she is recording it through photographs.


Art in Popular Culture

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Being an aspiring fashion designer, I pay a lot of attention to art in popular culture. I love pop culture, even though it sometimes is kind of disgusting. Fashion is pretty much just wearable art that is always current to the themes in popular culture. All of the influential designers create pieces to be worn by socialites and influential clients. These designs then trickle down the system to be copied and made into pieces that everyday people can afford and wear.

Art and Popular Culture

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The word ‘art’ is a very elusive term and topic. Art has an infinite amount of meanings and forms and is still constantly changing. In our popular culture today there is a new medium and that is the ability to create art on a computer screen. Instead of using brushes, paint, clay, etc we use a mouse and keys on a keyboard. However, can we classify this as ‘art’? This is a tough subject for me, especially, when most of my friends are graphic design major and Photoshop fiends. We never see eye-to-eye.

I can’t say I am a pro at Photoshop or anything that has to do with graphic design or even working on a computer. However, I feel that working on a computer cannot be considered as art. The thinking process seems to be completing different. The main focus of the artist is not on the meaning behind the work but on using the right tools and the look of it aesthetically. Yes, I do agree that art should produce this visual excitement. Though, the ‘artist’ is wrapped up in looks that most of the time the finish product is a meaningless image. It just feels as art is losing its authenticity.