Art and Politics

I sort of feel like all art is political. Artists capture the world, as they see it, at the time. That capturing makes some sort of statement, whether they have turned it into something that is completely skewed into abstract form or not. Even some of the earliest famous artists are ones that were commissioned by Kings and other rules to paint their pictures, instantly making them a political statement. I guess the thing that comes to mind the most for me in regards to political art is folk song.. and protest music. I took a class on music and politics a few years ago. There are a ton of musicians who wrote songs to push their political stance, which is predominately for peace. I know there were a lot of songs written in the Civil Rights era by the Freedom Singers. They wrote new lyrics to the tune of American folk songs. Also musicians like Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs wrote songs around the Vietnam War and the emotions that came then. Someone everyone knows about is John Lennon and his political songs/agenda. The music in the 1960s in general was fueled by political messages.



One Response to “Art and Politics”

  1. elscheiner Says:

    I agree with you! Whatever is going on the world is going to have a profound impact on what art is created. Great video/song choice too 🙂

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