Art & Politics

Politics have been making their presence known in art for centuries and is very influencial in many artist’s work.  I am not a political person myself, but I am intrigued by the work of Banksy.  Banksy is a contemporary graffiti stencil artist from England, whose identity is unknown.  His work randomly pops up and has a political/surrealistic/comic slant. I included a video of the highly controversial into he did for The Simpsons recently.     


One Response to “Art & Politics”

  1. That’s so funny. I hadn’t seen that, thanks for posting that. I did my post on Banksy too. He’s a clever fellow. I bet you saw Exit Through The Gift Shop. I, like yourself really enjoy his work, but after watching that documentary, I was kind of left on the fence about how I feel towards him. He talked a lot about how he was an artist who painted solely for the experience, to get his views out there, and for self fulfillment, etc. etc., but then, he went on to show how he had a show in LA where he was selling his work for thousands of dollar. It made him seem like a sellout kind of. I might have interpreted it wrong, but it just seemed like he was contradicting himself, but then again I would do the same thing because you have to make a living some how. Oh, opinions opinions.
    -Rocio Robles

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