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Viktor & Rolf

So I think this months topic is supposed to be something about my connection to art making and art history. I think art making was in one of the genes I was born with… but the outlet I’ve decided to run with is fashion design and construction. I’m really interested in the history of dress, the connotations of style, things like that. I like the really technical side of design, and construction, and art history actually. I think knowing the foundations of design have influenced me in my own design

Gaynore Darling Fall '10

sense, keeping things simple but interesting in the amount of consideration that goes into the design and execution that goes into the construction of a garment. I live on fashion blogs and fashion news sites. I love designers with innovative, but believable style. I also really love fashion advertising and styling. Okay thats enough.



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I have always been a fan of Hitchcock’s movies, this trailer still gives me chills. He is the father of scary movies. Lately, I have become even more intrigued by him and how he uses his light for his movies to further the mood he creates. I am currently enrolled in Studio I and am trying to emulate his lighting style in photographs.

Egg Tempera

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By William BlakeEgg Tempera painting is a very fluid method. I enjoyed how easy it was to lighten and darken my drawing. Today was hilarious! Jenn’s sarcasm paired with her egg mishap was the best. The spirit of Julia Childs was definitely in the class. Egg tempera is similar to using water color or inks, the way that it can be lightened with adding water, or darkened by adding layers of paint.

While painting with egg tempera all a group member of our could think about was the painter William Blake. She has been told her style of drawing/painting is very similar to his. He too, used egg temper as a medium. She felt quite connected to William Blake while painting with red egg tempera in class.

Group Egg Tempera Painting

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